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April 19, 2021 3 min read

For a love as endless as the number of stars, we’ve captured a piece of heaven for you that will symbolize the eternal love you share with your partner. Rarer than a diamond, and as unique as an individual’s fingerprint, Gibeon meteorite is the perfect material for your handcrafted wedding band that will represent your everlasting bond. For a love that is unmatched and distinct, a ring from out of this world is the only thing that will do!


Where does Gibeon meteorite originate?

Forged in the depths of space 4 billion years ago, Gibeon meteorite roamed the expanses of the universe until it struck earth in prehistoric times. The scattered fragments of this meteorite carved its way through the African lands near the village of Gibeon, Namibia, where it was discovered in 1836. Thus, its name: Gibeon meteorite. This increasingly rare space rock is what we use to customize your wedding ring into the design of your imagination.


What makes meteorite rings unique?

Gibeon meteorite truly is one of a kind. While it contains metals found here on earth, such as iron, nickel and cobalt, the unique structure of a meteorite is found in the minerals it acquired in the heavens. While Gibeon meteorite's birth was born in super-heat, it was the cooling across eons that gave this rare metal its singularity. Unlike diamonds, the intersecting line pattern found on meteorite cannot be duplicated by man. Heavy and light minerals separated while cooling which created the striking and beautiful lines known as the Widmanstatten pattern. While Gibeon meteorite cannot be falsified by man, there is plenty of imposter meteorite waiting to be purchased. However, we take great care to ensure each of our meteorite rings are crafted from genuine Gibeon meteorite and give you only the best and truest form of this rare metal.


How can meteorite jewelry be preserved?

Gibeon meteorite is one of the most stable and high-quality meteorites used for jewelry. It is rare and precious, beautiful and unique, but meteorite is just like any other ring: it needs a little TLC every now and then. As you wear it through the years it’s exposed to the elements, but with consistent maintenance and care you can keep your ring's brilliance. Follow these tips and tricks to keep this piece of heaven new and bright!

The best way to protect your meteorite ring is like any other piece of jewelry you own! Simply avoid exposing your ring to salt water, swimming pools and hot tubs, and any other harsh chemicals. Submerging this precious metal in these elements will cause the meteorite to discolor and require immediate cleaning. But all is not lost! Polishing up your meteorite ring can be done at home with a toothbrush and rubbing alcohol. For the really stubborn spots, we’ll gladly help bring back your ring’s shine in our shop, free of charge! After it’s been cleaned, a light coating in olive or gun metal oil, along with your body’s natural oils, will protect the meteorite from moisture and keep your ring shining!


When searching for the perfect ring to symbolize your union and love, only the best will do. Your style matters and deserves to be reflected in the careful design and customization of your Gibeon meteorite ring. Rather than reaching for the stars, simply hold one in your hand as a beautiful ring that is simply out of this world.