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October 08, 2020 2 min read

When you find a person who you can love, grow, and face life’s battles with together, you want a ring that represents the strength of your relationship. Damascus steel is the perfect metal to show the distinctive nature and resilience of your love. For the bond you share with your partner, the distinctive beauty of Damascus steel is the only ring that will do!


What is Damascus Steel?

Damascus steel is different than the other metals we use in our shop like titanium, cobalt, or gold. Using different stainless steels, the metals are twisted together to form a stunning beauty and uncompromising strength which causes this metal to standout. Its creation process dates back thousands of years to the Middle East and was primarily focused on swords and blades. Now, it is a beautiful addition used in the jewelry industry and one of Luxurien’s favorite metals used to create your custom ring. The way in which Damascus steel is forged leads to extraordinary wavy patterns that cannot be replicated or duplicated ensuring your ring is one of a kind.


How can Damascus steel jewelry be preserved?

While Damascus steel is known for its exceptional beauty and unyielding strength, it is just like any other piece of jewelry. It needs a little bit of love every so often. Taking care of your piece is easy!

The best way to care for your ring is to avoid exposing your ring to salt water, swimming pools and hot tubs, and any other harsh chemicals. Submerging this precious metal in these elements will cause the Damascus to lose its shine or reduce the intensity of black Damascus. But all is not lost! Polishing up your ring can be done at home with a toothbrush or cloth and mineral or gun metal oil. After it’s been cleaned, your body’s natural oils, will protect the metal from moisture and keep your ring shining!


When searching for the perfect ring to symbolize your union and love, only the best will do. Your style matters and deserves to be reflected in the careful design and customization of your Damascus steel ring. The immortalization of your love’s strength and uniqueness cannot be reinvented and the perfect way to symbolize that is with a handmade Damascus steel ring.