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January 17, 2022 3 min read

When hunting for the perfect wedding band there are countless classics like titanium, tungsten, and gold, but what about the black wedding band? Are there options to find the perfect black wedding band? Absolutely!






Don't be afraid to go bold! A swath of black across your finger means you are fearless and undaunted. You know what you want and will make a stand for it. A black ring stands out and makes a statement compared to its more subtle counterparts like cobalt or wood rings. Take a glance and see how a black wedding ring is daring, strong, and striking.


Men's black Damascus steel wedding band with gold inlay

Black Damascus

Black Damascus is the perfect combination of texture and elegance. These rings flow with beauty without diminishing its masculinity. The two-tone color contrast of the Damascus steel paired with a gold inlay, or a rich wood sleeve, or the gleam of diamonds give Damascus steel rings an edge when it comes to being truly regal and high-class.




Black titanium wedding band with whiskey barrel sleeve

Black Titanium

For true depth of color, black titanium is hard to surpass. Titanium is known for its light-weight, yet durable, properties. Black titanium is no different. It's crafted with aerospace grade quality and is a highly customizable metal making this ring the perfect option to create a ring all your own!




Men's Black Zirconium wedding band with diamonds
Black Zirconium
Did you know zirconium is a naturally gray metal? Black zirconium gets its deep black look by heating that gray metal to over 400 degree Fahrenheit. If there was ever a ring to withstand the fires of life, then these rings are it! Design something simple and bold or dress it up with diamonds, inlays, or a personal engraving.




Black Stardust wedding ring
While stars shine bright in the night sky, stardust rings bring all the mysterious shadows of the universe to life on your finger. This black wedding band is different than any other as the minute twinkle of stars only makes the black deeper. Stardust is the rarest of the black rings as it is a literal piece of the heavens and will sure to be admired just as the stars of the sky.




Black carbon fiber wedding band

Carbon Fiber

What better ring could there be for those looking for a representation of long-lasting strength than that of a carbon fiber wedding band? Million of fibers are woven together to make this ring lightweight and remarkably strong. While less customizable, carbon fiber makes black pop in this intricate woven pattern.




Black ceramic wedding ring
Black Ceramic

We love black ceramic because of the completely different looks that can be created and *drumroll please* it's scratch-resistant! Black ceramic rings can be dressed with a high-polish or dress it down with a brush texture. But our personal favorite way to do black in ceramic is the matte finish. The matte finish is non-reflective whish makes it perfect for hide-and-seek...or those that need to blend into the shadows like James Bond. 



Black wedding bands don't have to be limited! They are customizable, unique, rare, strong, and definitely not run-of-the-mill. Go bold! or if you're not so sure you want to be bold with black then be timid! Add that dark side on the inside with a black sleeve. Timeless classic beauty on the outside, deep and pensive on the inside. Whatever you choose, you can't go wrong with black. It's classy, it's powerful, and it stands out!

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