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Materials Used

Here at Luxurien we use a variety of materials to create each handcrafted ring. Check out the information below to learn more about each material!

Black Zirconium:

A matching set of black zirconium wedding bands


Zirconium is a naturally grey metal. When heated to temperatures of over 400 degrees, a black coat is formed and increases the metal's hardness from a 5 to an 8 on the MOHS scale. Zirconium is completely customizable, offering unique, 2-tone styles that can be combined with other metals such as gold, meteorite, antler, wood, and many other types of inlays.


A cobalt wedding band with a continuous infinity symbol 
Cobalt, with its white gold-like color, is a perfect choice for a sharp, sophisticated look. We purchase only the highest grade cobalt to ensure the jewelry you receive is flawless. Cobalt is very customizable. It can be milled with any design or inlayed with precious metals.


A wedding band with black stardust edges and a Gibeon meteorite center inlay 

Our meteorite inlays are literally out of this world! We order only the highest quality meteorite that can be found throughout all the world with unique and stunning geometric patterns. Because we cut the meteorite inhouse, we are able to inlay it into a wide range of different ring metals, styles, and widths.

Stardust: Our stardust rings reflect the look of the night sky with their black color and glittering flecks. During the process of making our meteorite rings, portions of the meteorite are sanded or shaved off. We collect these remnants of meteorite, which is literal stardust, to create a stunning representation of the night sky.



 Carbon Fiber: 

A black carbon fiber wedding band with diagonal grooves 

The development of carbon fiber begins with millions of tiny fibers, which are braided and coated with resin to create one of the most lightweight and strongest materials known to man. Our unique fabrication of this material into jewelry gives us the ability to offer it in many different inlay widths. We also offer rings made of solid carbon fiber.

Damascus Steel:

A matching Damascus steel wedding band set with vertical gold inlays 

Since the early 1700's, Damascus steel has been used by many countries to create highly-prized swords and other weaponry by twisting two metals together. This same process is used to create our Damascus jewelry. Each ring is comprised of multiple layers of steel, heated to thousands of degrees and forged to unique perfection.



This beautiful material is lightweight and scratch-resistant. Because of its extreme hardness we use diamond coated manufacturing equipment to craft looks of high-polish, brush, or matte finishes. Our matte finish is non-reflective, which is ideal for use by our military brothers and sisters.

Dinosaur Bone:


Petrified dinosaur bone is the result of fossilized bone from dinosaurs, in which the cellular structure has been replaced with chalcedony, leaving the bone structure intact. Since the most frequent mineral found in dinosaur bone is chalcedony, it is referred to as agatized dino (saur) bone even if other materials are present as well. This rare and distinctive material results in a 7 on the Mohs scale. Many excellent specimens of dinosaur bone are found in and around the American southwest. Dinosaur bone ranges in color from brown to black with splotches of red, blue, and bright yellow. Dark yellow-gold and red-colored dinosaur bone is also found but is even rarer. The coloring of the specimen is due to impurities that were in the surrounding sediment.



Titanium is a lightweight, gun-metal grey, and is our most customizable metal. We use the highest grade of titanium available. Our superior craftsmanship allows us to bring to life any ring idea you might have for a truly one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. From fingerprints to antler inlays, to wood, to gold, we will help you customize a piece that is uniquely you.

Wood Inlays:

Our classy, exotic wood inlay are some of our favorite piece of jewelry. We have selections of wood from all over the world. These various woods can be inlayed into our titanium, zirconium, and cobalt metals. Each piece of wood is completely unique, making each wood ring literally one-of-a-kind.

 Antler Inlays:


Our antlers are sized and cut specifically for each ring. This unique ring offers a classy look, yet helps people know where your true passion lies. Antler rings can be inlayed inside titanium, cobalt, and zirconium in various widths.

14k Gold Inlay:


Our offering of gold and other precious metals is as customizable as you would like. Whether you like wood, meteorite or antler inlays, these can be done in gold. Our master jewelers have spent years working with these unique materials to be able to offer a piece of jewelry that is beautiful and unique.