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Find Your Ring Size

Thin metallic ring sizers on a reflective black surface


Ordering Your Ring Size

Here at Luxurien we want to make the process of designing and receiving your ring as easy as possible and deliver the correct ring size the first time. Ordering and finding that perfect size is simple:

  1. Purchase your ring (select the size you believe will fit your finger) and we'll send you a ring sizer with your order.
  2. Once your sizer has arrived, find the size that fits you best (check below for tips!)
  3. Email with your order confirmation number and your ring size.
  4. We'll begin crafting your ring once we receive the email with your ring size!


Tips to Finding Your Perfect Size

  • Wear the ring sizer: try a variety of sizes and wear the sizer for several minutes or even a couple of days! When it comes to finding your size, you want to make sure it's right and comfortable.
  • Time of day: our hands go through cycles of swelling throughout the day. Try the ring on at the end of the day.
  • Temperature: Our hands are affected by heat and cold. Find your size when your hands are warm, preferably at room temperature.
  • Test the fit: the ring should be snug when being slid over the knuckle, but sit comfortably on your finger. If it slips over the knuckle loosely, the ring is too big and is prone to getting caught on objects or slipping off unnoticed. If it sits too tight on your finger then order a half size larger.
  • The correct hand: wear the sizer on the hand you'll wear your new ring! Our hands aren't the exact size and which hand you test matters.


Understanding Our Sizers

Our ring sizers come in sizes 0-15 in full and half sizes. There are two rings per size: a positive and negative number. The positive number is the full size and the negative number is the half size. For example: 6 (size 6), -6 (size 6.5).