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The Icicle

Stunning 6mm wide DiamondCast™ Unicorn poop with opal inlay. This wedding band is custom-made for you right here in the USA by skilled artisans who have an uncompromising passion for quality and style. The finish on this ring is polished with a rounded profile.


  • 6mm DiamondCast™ and opal ring
  • DiamondCast™ Unicorn Poop
  • 1.5mm opal inlay
  • Cobalt chrome sleeve
  • Rounded profile
  • Inside Comfort Fit Design
  • Handmade in the USA


*DiamondCast™ Blanks are made with a patent-pending combination of diamond, pigments, and resins.  Only the highest standards are used in making DiamondCast™ rings and inlays.  This ring encompasses the perfect marriage between art and science.  See the amazing combination of colors and real diamonds that go into each work of art.