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Tit-7F-P1-P2-CamoSytle-Whiskey Inlay

The Staves

Combining titanium with whiskey barrel staves allows this mens wedding ring to show off the artistic side of whiskey barrels. Cool metal and warm wood tones make a handsome piece of jewelry. Artisan jewelers in the USA handcraft this ring with a focus on high quality, accuracy, and creativity. This Damascus steel wedding ring is made with care and precision to ensure comfortable all-day wear and durability for the every day activities of life.


  • 7mm wide titanium and whiskey barrel ring
  • Jack Daniels whiskey barrel inlay (shown)*
  • Inside Comfort Fit Design
  • Handmade in the USA


*Jack Daniel’s is a registered trademark and is NOT affiliated or involved with the production or distribution of this product.    Each ring sleeve is made with an authentic used Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrel that has been acquired by our artist shop in the open market. Jack Daniel’s is NOT affiliated with the marketing, production, or distribution of these handmade artistic rings.